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Kirk Session

kirksessionLike all Presbyterian Churches, Netherlee is run in a democratic way with a single management body called The Kirk Session. Led by our minister, formed by Elders and managed by our Session Clerk. The Kirk Session is the group responsible for the spiritual and practical welfare of the Church and the Parish. On behalf of all our members, the Kirk Session makes decisions about how the Church is run, how money is spent, and how we try to live out the actions of God in our community.


Session Clerk

Stuart Buchanan Children & Youth Ministry Group Convenmer

Stuart Buchanan
Session Clark

Our Session Clerk is appointed by the Kirk Session, and is responsible for keeping Church records, organising meetings and directing Church business under the Minister’s guidance. The Kirk Session is also responsible for appointing our Church Treasurer, and Organist and Church officer. Contact Stuart at


Elders are simply Church members called to dedicate some of their time and talents to help further the work of the Church. They can be nominated by members or the Kirk Session. If willing, elders are then trained and approved by the whole Session, before being ordained at a special Church service. Most Elders have a district to look after, and it’s their duty to regularly visit Church members in that district, invite them to Communion, gather feedback, and be on hand to provide any spiritual advice or support the Elder or the Church can offer. Elders also welcome people to Church, serve the bread and wine at Communion, collect the offering and offer support to our Church organisations, as well as serving on one of the following seven Groups:

our missionWider Mission – Harvey Evans / Alistair Gow

This committee promotes our Church Mission beyond Netherlee, linking with the wider Church at home and abroad and working with other faiths and denominations. It also develops links with charities and other groups, like our friends in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

communityCommunity Matters – Diane Levey

Community Matters cares for the welfare of all people in Netherlee’s community by providing practical and spiritual support, such as bereavement training for Elders. It also helps develop and organise spiritual training courses like Alpha.

 youthchildrenChildren & Youth Ministry – Helen Illingworth

Encourages young people to get involved with the Church. Supports and shapes youth activities and development and helps give young people a voice to express their needs and views.

 worshipWorship Committee – Rev Scott Blythe

Helps the minister plan our programme of Church services and encourages people of all ages to get involved in worship.


Fabric Committee – Ian Alexander

The committee maintains our Church properties. Committee members carry out repairs voluntarily, or organise tradesmen to carry out large scale or more complex works. They also organise capital projects to improve our buildings or to fulfill legal or health and safety requirements.


Finance Committee – Allan Mathieson

The Committee looks after Church income and expenditure and pays salaries for our employees which are our organist & secretary. It keeps accounts of our members’ offerings, recovers tax for those who pay by Gift Aid and responsible for the investment of money held in various Reserve and Trust Funds.


Business Committee – Allan Mathieson

The committee is responsible for setting the agenda for the Kirk Session. It is also responsible for finding successors for the key positions within the administration of Netherlee Church. In addition it also considers any instructions from the General Assembly and Glasgow Presbytery and decides how best to progress them within the Kirk Session

Irene MacVey Premises Superviser

Irene MacVey
Premises Supervisor

We also have a Premises Manager who monitors the buildings for cleanliness and repairs and can advise organisations about things like preparing and serving food within church premises. Contact Irene at

Elspeth Bennett Church Secretary

Elspeth Bennett
Church Secretary

The use of Church premises is arranged through the Church Secretary, and we have a biannual meeting of organisation leaders, as a Church Council, to deal with complaints, queries or other matters relating to use of our buildings. Contact Elspeth at


Harvey Evans

Netherlee Church is part of a wider Church family. Our Minister is responsible to the Presbytery of Glasgow, and our Kirk Session is represented there by a Presbytery Elder. Contact Harvey at

Click on the link for the Presbytery Netherlee Church Review Report. Netherlee Report

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