Cranhill Development Trust

Cranhill Development Trust is an integral part of its community, responding successfully to the complex needs of Cranhill since 2002. A key to the success of the Trust has been its ability to adapt services and activities to meet the changing and diverse needs of people living there.

Their core activity is to provide person-centred, responsive support services which are inclusive and are not age or gender specific. They focus on a community development and regeneration approach that builds and increases capacity within the community.

They provide a range of community based support activities and services, aiming to increase self-esteem and opportunity in an area of multiple deprivation. These services include working with families and individuals, providing information and advice (e.g. Citizens’ Advice outreach for refugees), health services (e.g. access to smoking cessation), education services (e.g. ESOL classes), leisure opportunities, and a community cafe and nearly new shop. We do this as much as possible in partnership with other agencies and with the quality assistance of experienced volunteers.


Netherlee has a long history of supporting Cranhill Development Trust through funding, volunteers and goods.


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