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bookingNetherlee has a small hall, a large hall and several small and medium sized rooms within the Church Building which also includes kitchen facilities. While Church organisations and existing commitments will always take priority, halls can be booked for events like parties, meetings and displays when available.

For more information and to book halls, download the Hall Booking Form and email to Elspeth at office@netherleechurch.org or fill out the form below.

Please note, users must agree with terms and conditions specified below.

Booking Form

Name of Organisation (required)

Contact Person in Organisation

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Telephone No.

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Name of Key Holders in Organisation (if any)

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Accommodation Requirements

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Welcome HallLarge HallSmall HallKitchenVestryWaiting RoomUpper RoomLesser SanctuaryMain Sanctuary

Day(s) of Week (required)

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Schedule Of Accommodation Requirements

Please complete the particulars and submit these to Elspeth, the Church Secretary via email or the form above.

The Church Council meetings are held regularly and it is important that we have a full representation of all organisations and hall users.

Please ensure that your request includes all accommodation required by you – do not assume that because you have used the space in the past that you do not need to apply.

Applications for special use or adjustment of normal use should be advised to Elspeth, who will seek approval of the Session Clark or his representative. If you have a regular booking it is important to advise Elspeth whether there are any occasions within your period of tenure when you will not be using the halls.

Note: Office Hours: Tues – Fri 8.30am – 11.30am.

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