Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s Association is part of our church family where we meet on an ad hoc basis for various social events. It could be painting part of the church, building a bin shelter, getting shown round air traffic control, visiting the Glasgow Gurdwara, going on a fishing trip, having a day away in Arran or Jura or even enjoying our traditional Christmas meal …. A curry in February !

We are always open to new ideas and welcome new folk with open arms !

Please contact Gordon Lang or Niall Illingworth via the Church Office for details.

The Latest Adventure

The “Retired” section of the Men’s Association ventured to Melrose last week via the newish Borders railway line to sample the hospitality and co-incidentally celebrate Ronnie’s xx birthday. There was much stramash as we found that the morning Muirend train to Central was cancelled, but intrepid travellers as we are, disaster was averted by mega use of phones, carrier pigeons and semaphore, and we recovered our schedule. Our apologies to any top deck No 6 bus passengers who might have been affected.


Previous Adventures



Loch Lomond


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